About Us

About Us

UK Designers was set up and is run by IBEX, a product design company in south east England. With it becoming increasingly hard to find great designers in UK as the web has become so crowded over the years and with Brexit about to change everything, we decided to create this site to try and help promote UK designers.

The UK is full of incredible design talent. As Brexit happens, whatever your view on it, it needs to turn into a time of coming together within the UK, a swelling of national pride in our abilities and talents and of promoting ourselves both at home and worldwide. Our hope is that this site will help towards that in some small way.

I hope you find UK Designers useful. The site is not a commercial enterprise. Unlike paid for listing sites we don’t have funds available to pay for extensive advertising and we are therefore very grateful to anyone who is able to help us promote it.  If you have any feedback on the site or useful suggestions please feel free to send me a message.

Best wishes
Adam Pulley


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